Every Model Needs Polaroids (digitals)

Polaroids, also known as “digitals,” are a model’s essential tool if you want to work in this industry. Whether you’re a new model who has never done an official photo shoot / a job not a some photos with a friend who want to be e photographer, or a model with years of experience, good Polaroids are a gateway to more jobs. It is a standard industry practice for agencies and casting directors to request Polaroids, now called digitals, and it’s good idea to include these in your Model portfolio.

Agencies and casting directors require Polaroids before booking you for a job– not having them can cost you the job, because they want to see you in the “purest way”, no make up, just as you are.

Agency digitals used to be taken with a Polaroid camera, this is why we still call them like this. These days, “Polaroids” are done with digitals cameras but still keep the old name. It doesn’t make sense to use a real Polaroid camera when you use e-mails to send them, it would be a big waste of your time to scan them.

Polaroids show how you look like. It’s important for photographers and casting directors to know what you look like before the makeup, hair, lighting and Photoshop.

Clients needs Polaroids, and polaroids need to be update constantly because they assume you are going to the casting or  the job with the same hair, weight and general appearance as in your Polaroid. This is very important. Polaroids/Digitlas are simply photos that show you in a natural way: with little or no make-up, no sophisticated light, no retouching, no sophisticated outfits. Keep it SIMPLE! You want these photos to showcase your unaltered look and they have to be renewed regularly or after important changes (weight loss/gain, tattoos, pregnancy, hair cuts/color change …)


The best time to take the photos is during the day. Try to find a white or off-white wall to shoot in front of, preferably in the shade or on an overcast day. Direct sunlight can be too harsh for a quality Polaroid.

Generally it’s good to include a full-body front photo with a relaxed pose, a close up face photo, a three-quarter profile and a full profile shot.

For a fashion shoot, it is usual to wear a pair of shorts, leggings, jeans and a simple and plain bikini, black, white or brown and you will need a full body picture (from the front), full body picture (side), full body picture (back), portrait and profile picture.

For makeup, wear minimal to zero makeup. You can wear a light foundation, lighten up any blemishes, and put on some mascara and lip gloss. People want to see you without makeup on.

Your posing should also be natural. Don’t over-do it. Get some shots smiling if required by your agency or client. You really don’t need anything fancy.

Even if you don’t have an agency, you definitely do need Polaroids! As a freelance model, you’ll always need Polaroids available to send to clients who wants and need to see how you currently look like. They want to see an accurate representation, not photoshopped. Keep it very very simple and natural and be honest! There is no need to tell different sizes or to make some trick to have the job, they will discover it anyway. During productions and photo shoots they don’t like surprises, everything is planned so don’t be the inspected surprise.

You don’t need a profesional photographer to take these photos, but in case you don’t have any friend or agency that can take them for you, the cost of a Polaroid ro video Polaroids should not cost more than 25 Euros, tax included, and it will take 10 minutes maximum. Be sure to have the invoice of the Polaroids so you can deduct it from taxes.

Photo by Irene Sekulic

It’s good to shock – Out of rules.

“It’s good to shock. It’s not good to always be careful. It’s good to disturb a little.” — Ellen von Unwerth
#minimalshock #captured by 

Welcome to new photographer of Kreoidea, Damian Rilo. 


He began his studies in 2002, at the Faculty of Fine Arts belonging to the National University Institute of Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He obtained scholarships for his performance and was able to study with artists like Eduardo Medici, Juan Dofo and Guillermo Cuello with whom he dictated a painting chair. He was awarded in painting and received mentions at the Centro Cultural Recoleta (CCR) and other renowned recognitions nationwide. He studied fashion photography at the “Adrián Figatti School” with classes dictated by Damián Soloducha. He photographed paintings for the gallery “Ruth Benzacar”, in Buenos Aires, with the artist Eduardo Medici. Currently resides in Marbella, Spain, where he develops mainly in portrait photography and advertising. In 2015 he achieved a resounding success in Barcelona, ​​where he was summoned by renowned agencies such as Elite Models BCN, Blow, 5th Avenue and where he set up his own studio “Studio22”. From 2015 to 2017 he carried out campaigns for the brands Benjamin Friman, María Vázquez, publishing in magazines such as Para Ti, BG Magazine, Marbella Rock, Hot, among others.  He develops commercial campaigns for Ocean Club, Olivia’s, Les Cubes, ROXX FM with Dj Nilo Contreras from “La Suite”. He worked together with resident Djs from Puro Beach, Ocean Club and Puente Romano, the best beach club of Marbella. In Argentina, he was hired as Art Director of Banana Films, Spaguetti films, Pol-Ka (recognized producer in Argentina) in programs such as Desperate Housewives, Farsantes and Guapas. He worked for Atlanta Films as an art assistant for Federico Bacher. He worked also for the studios of Andy Chervniasky, Ach, Paula Stolier in Buenos Aires, with publications in G7, D-Mode, Brando and Para Ti. He carried out advertising campaigns in a large part of Argentina with the John Foos and Cheka Jeans brand, among others. In 2018 he participated in the International Influencers Summit at NOBU Hotel and I made the most prestigious influences photo with Alexsander Shaje art group and now officially a member of the Kreoidea Team Production.

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Fashion Editorial * Marbella * Erase the sky

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Fashion Editorial for Luxiders Magazine photographed by Irene Sekulick

New Fashion Story, production for the German magazine Luxiders.com.

This is the text that opens the editorial, with the emotional and timeless shots of Italian photographer Irene Sekulic.

“As a puzzle of blots,

fighting the banality of a blue-sky,

the clouds …

Restraining the tears of Earth.

Are they a severance rupture of heaven?

Sources of uncertainty,

if they disappear …, who is going to look for them?


nothing is casual “.

Clouds by Irene Sekulic WEB19Clouds-by-Irene-Sekulic-for-Luxiders7Clouds-by-Irene-Sekulic-for-Luxiders10Clouds-by-Irene-Sekulic-for-Luxiders11Clouds-by-Irene-Sekulic-for-Luxiders13Clouds-by-Irene-Sekulic-for-Luxiders14

Sustainable fashion is growing, among the emerging brands and designers, some of them are known names including DEVOTA & LOMBA and others emerging once: ECOEMBES BY MARIA CLE LEAL, LAMAIR STUDIO, AUBERGIN, KOZII.

Creative Direction LUXIDERS

Photography IRENE SEKULIC @irene_sekulic @KREOIDEA



Hair Stylist & Make Up Artists NICOLA MCGEORGE | JORGE FORTES

#sustainablefashion#ethicalfashion#sustainableluxury#ecofashion #luxiders #fairfashion#instafashion #instagood#consciousshopping #love #happy#slowfashion #ecoconscious#copenhagenfashionsummit#restartfashion #fairtrade#greenfashion #pursuepretty#theeverygirl #fairfashionblogger#fash_rev #fashionrevolution#sustainablestyle #greenfashion#picoftheday #model #photography#ootd #fairfashionootd#whomademyclothes

Casting in Marbella: Buscamos 7 modelos femeninas para producción de moda

KREOIDEA busca 7 modelos femeninas entre 15 y 25 años para producción de moda en Marbella con disponibilidad para un día de la semana del 26 hasta el 2 de marzo.

Edad: mujeres, desde 15 hasta 25 años, altura minina 1’72”, disponible en Marbella la semana que viene. Necesario casting presencial con pruebas de vestidos. Para apuntarse al casting llamar al numero de teléfono +34.671.20.34.96 (desde las 10.00 hasta las 18.00) para tomar cita o escríbenos vía mail a casting@kreoidea.com

Cliente: Apertura nuevo Shop On Line –

Foto: editorial moda para web y social media.

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El momento es ahora: retratos a la artista revelación Brisa Fenoy

brisa jpeg alta 20 (1)

Fotografía de Irene Sekulic


Brisa Fenoy, la cantante revelación de esta temporada, arrastra con su música y su “llamada” al mantenerse “humanos”. En el estudio de producciones Kreoidea, entramos con intimidad y discreción en el set, donde se respira armonía y amistad.

Brisa, de vuelta a casa a su tierra, Algeciras, pasa por nuestro estudio en Marbella, donde la encuentra la fotógrafa italiana Irene Sekulic y el estilista maquillador Jorge Fuertes para una sesión de retratos con sabor a revolución, sin agarre a una bandera, sino con palabras universales y en su belleza plena.

Aquí os dejamos algunos retratos y vídeo!
Si te interesó compártelo 😎☀️#sharegoodcontent

Mira el último vídeo de Brisa Fenoy! 🔝😎💥Jérico >> ¿Tenemos todos los mismos derechos? 📩 ¡escríbenos tu opinión, tu voz cuenta! 😎

Artista: Brisa Fenoy
Fotógrafa: Irene Sekulic
Estilista make up/hair: Jorge Fortes (DHG Spain)
Producción: Kreoidea/Marbella (Spain)
Equipamiento de luz: Delight Rental Service
Studio setting: Kreoidea

Producción fotográfica en Marbella, España. La cantante andaluza Brisa Fenoy, en unos retratos de la fotógrafa Irene Sekulic en el estudio marbellí Kreoidea.

Brisa, revelación desde su boom 💥Ella 💥 🎵🔛, con su nuevo single “Jérico” arrastra y calienta el web, las clasificas de VEVO, los 40 principales y no para de viajar. Además de su indiscutible belleza, la cantante de orgullo andaluz tiene esa pasión y mezcla en su música. Comprometida con una música que cante su grito de igualdad en este mundo contemporáneo contrastado, Brisa nos hace vivir en la piel y en las historias directas de “los que cruzan”, los que a veces nos dan miedo, los que a veces comprendemos… Brisa, en su música, su vídeo musical y su próximo documental en Salida, con Jérico nos hace vibrar el alma, nos hace pensar. Una manera sin duda intensa de veicolar su potente belleza y su talento y fuerte personalidad artística. Sin duda un honor tener a esta joven talentosa en nuestros estudios en Marbella.

NYFW News Fashion Sanchez-Kane

Un espectáculo  de moda cargado de símbolos sexuales, una colección llena de influencias fetiche, derribando los tabúes y las barreras que, según ella, provenían de la falta de educación sexual para jóvenes en su México natal, la diseñadora Barbara Sánchez-Kane desfiló con mensajes y con mucha presencia escénica.  Un show en plena regla. La producción sapientemente dirigida por Mirham Ascencio productora de Lower East Side, apostó por un casting director atrevido y contemporáneo como el mundo en el que vivimos, libres de tabú, en perfecta sintonía con la colección. Solo expertos directores de casting consigues hacer este extensos casting con mas de 250 perfiles seen and go en las calles de Nueva York. Un desfile de moda y una colección que llama al pensar, al cuestionarse a una moda que tiene mucho que decir, sobre todo que hay que despertar y hay que empezar a hacerlo creando comunicación entre seres humanos, abatiendo muros, estereotipos y rematando los tabúes. Como en todos los sectores, es necesario tener las voces que salen del coro y que gritan al despertar en un país y en un mundo donde queda tolerancia y comunicación para sembrar.

Provocador. Interrumpe el estrés o la paz cotidiana. Choca. Incomoda. Hace cuestionar.

De esto se trata, la moda, aquella que influye esta hecha de mensajes no solo de ventas.

La sastrería entregó el mensaje de moda más poderoso: su conjunto de trajes estampados con múltiples cuadros se inspiró en los uniformes escolares en la Ciudad de México, todos construidos con hombros fuertes y múltiples solapas.

Fotografías de Irene Sekulic para Kreoidea Fashion News. NYFW #NewYork #FashionWeek #news #lastnews #fashiontrends #2018

Sanchez-Kane Fashion Show producer: Lower East Side Producer and Casting Director: Mirham Ascencio @mirhamascencio

for f#fashiondesigner @sanchez_kane at @pier59studios #studios #ny #thanksto @vfiles @esquinanyc @ateliermgmt @balmainhaircouture @randco @theindustrymgmt @darrellblakely @ivybjork @davianlain @timaylward @tfer21 @hydrobison @cap_kirk @aletiagonzalezofficial@babisk87 styled by @smilewith_style arrives to @nyfashionweek #aw #nyfw #sanchezkane

Fotografías de Irene Sekulic

¡Estrenamos nueva web y nuevo estudio!

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Por fin estrenamos nueva web y nuevo estudio de producciones de moda. Nuestra página oficial es http://www.kreoidea.com

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